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Easy Appliance Troubleshooting

There's nothing wrong with paying for appliance repair when the problem is too big to fix on your own. But many appliance malfunctions are simple enough that they can be solved easily without professional assistance if you just know how to get started. I worked as a hotel handyman many years ago, and I learned a lot on the job. I learned how to restart a stalled washing machine, unfreeze a refrigerator compressor, and fix a broken dishwasher. I decided to start this blog to share some of my appliance troubleshooting tips and tricks. Chances are that learning some basic troubleshooting tactics can save you hundreds of dollars in minor service call charges. Hopefully this blog will help you get more out of your household appliances for less.

3 Bathtub Problems And Troubleshooting Tips

The bathtub is one of the most reliable plumbing fixtures in your home, but it is not immune to occasional issues. Fortunately, many of those issues are easily repaired. Here are some of the most common problems you could face and what you can possibly do to fix it.  Jets Not Working If you have a jetted bathtub and it is not functioning properly, the problem could rest with the power supply. Read More 

Green Products For Cleaning Your Wooden Kitchen Cabinets This Spring

Winter is finally over and it's time for spring cleaning. The kitchen cabinets are an often ignored part of the normal kitchen cleaning routine, so now is the time to wipe off the grease and dust that has accumulated on the surface of the wood throughout the year. If green cleaning is important to you, these environmentally friendly cleaning products are effective against dust and grease, and commonly available in many households. Read More 

Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Your Gas Stove Grates

As you start your spring-cleaning, don't forget about your gas-stove grates. Even if you wipe them off after you cook, food and grease can still build over time on your grates. In order to keep you grates in good condition, you need to give them a good scrubbing at least once a year. This article will discuss the cleaning process you should follow. Supplies Dish Soap Rough Sponge Towel Paper Towel Or Newspaper Oven Cleaner Black Plastic Trash Bag Plastic Gloves Soak Your Grates Read More